We are Selam and Andiy. After Natnael passed away we wanted to continue his task of teaching children about their country of origin and helping families to find their stories.
This blog is to teach the children that go abroad something about their birth country and to give to the adoptive parents a way to search the biological family of their child.
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Is important what you tell your children about themselves.

Friday, September 9, 2016


In the last period I had the chance to meet some biological families here near Hossana, where I'm from as i'm here during the rainy season. 

I have been thinking a lot in regard and I do not see any solution. I met a family that was geting info from the child for a while, and then everything stopped! so they were asking me if I can find out who are the adoptive family and ask them to send pictures of the child...

I realized that the biological families do not realize that they give away their children not to see them again. Some of them believe that the child will go and learn in a foreign country to come back to them once they finish to learn...  that means that the sense of giving in adoption and getting in adoption is very different and opposite.

As an Ethiopian I feel how difficult is for bio families to be without any information, and also I realize how difficult is for adoptive parents as well.

I believe there is good to be in touch with the biological family, may be just sending pictures from time to time. they still think of their children and they are so happy to have news about them!

If any of you reading this has a child from Hossana and want more information, please feel free to contact me.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016


From now on we are going be the ones to keep this blog alive and to try to help the Ethiopian children abroad to keep in touch with their origins. Is a way of honoring Natnael's work and a way to keep him alive.


I'm a student of Mekane Yesus School, Media and Film degree. I'm also graduated in medical laboratory. I use to make documentary film for some NGOs and I love to write poems and fiction based in true stories. I'm a volunteer for organizations that help street children.

I'm a student of Mekane Yesus School, Media and Film degree. I'm a camera woman and I live in Hosanna. I love children and I would like to help keeping this blog alife!

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm sorry to comunicate that our Nati passed away today, 15 04 2016

with all our pain