We are Selam and Andiy. After Natnael passed away we wanted to continue his task of teaching children about their country of origin and helping families to find their stories.
This blog is to teach the children that go abroad something about their birth country and to give to the adoptive parents a way to search the biological family of their child.
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Is important what you tell your children about themselves.

Friday, August 30, 2013


In many countryes people is used to have electric power everywhere, even there is people used to have a sort of fridge in the car.

Here in Ethiopia is not that easy but sometimes is even more effective.

In this picture you can see those bottles that have around a rope. This rope is not a casual thing, is just a way to get cold water. May be it sounds estrange but is true. If someone wet the rope with water and put the item under the sun the evaporation of the water in the rope makes the water inside the bottle cold.

There is the simplest version introducing a small bottle in a wet sock. Put it under the hottest sun and you will get fresh water!