We are Selam and Andiy. After Natnael passed away we wanted to continue his task of teaching children about their country of origin and helping families to find their stories.
This blog is to teach the children that go abroad something about their birth country and to give to the adoptive parents a way to search the biological family of their child.
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Is important what you tell your children about themselves.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello families,

Is already some time that I'm in touch with families that have search the origin of their children. I know that not always is easy. I appreciate the confider minds.

I think is very important for each of us to know the own story. even if it is painful.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


A few useful words in day to day are related to giving and receiving, maybe if you are going to adopt a child in Ethiopia will be useful. It's nice to give some security to children at a time of great change.

ENKA / ENKI                            take (first for boy, then for girl)
Seten / Sechin                              Give me (first for boy, then for girl)
WUSED / WUSEGI                    take it (first for boy, then for girl)
LEWESED?                                Shall I take it?
TEFELEGALEH / TEFELEGIALESH?    You want it? (first for boy, then for girl)

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Every August 19 there is an orthodox holiday called Buhe. Children go from door to door singing a song called hoya hoye, one of them is saying "hoya hoye" and some sentences and the others follow while rhythmically repeating "ho" and some sentences. The people in the houses before used to give them some food, now often give them some money.

At dusk it is customary burn the chibo, some bundle of sticks, is used to burn in neighborhoods where everyone brings their own chibo and then set fire to them.

It is something that children who go to other countries do not have the opportunity to participate, there are many songs on You tube, perhaps could have fun with them!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Someone was asking me about the names of the animals in amharic... is nice when people ask me about a subject that they are interested in!

Thank you!, and now let me teach some names of the animals in amharic.

WESHA                  dog
DEMET                   cat
ANBESSA              Lion
ZEHON                  elephant
TOTA                     monkey
TENCHEL              rabbit
NEBER                   tiger
QECHENE             jiraffe
GUNDAN              ant
BIRA BIRO            butterfly
GUMARE              hipopotamus
EBAB                     snake
TAKULA               wolf

Don't forget to ask me whatever you would like to read in the blog!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Children are almost all the day playing. I think is so useful to have some words ready to play. I think in this case I should do a kind of phrasebook, is much easier to be able to use than the word itself.

ENECHAWET                                                               let’s play
ENERUT                                                                        Let’s run
MEROT TEWEJALESH/TEWEDALEH?                      Do you like to run (female)/(male)
MECHAWET TEFELEGIALESH/TEFELEGALEH?     Do you want to play (female)/(male)
KWAS                                                                           Ball
MEDENES TEWEJALESH/TEWEDALEH?                 Do you like to dance (female)/(male)
GEMED                                                                         Rope

I hope it can be useful to play a little bit!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Yesterday afternoon in Addis Ababa there was a cloud of locust that covered the sky of the city. I haven't seen anything similar before in my entire life.

Here you have a picture of one of them to let you have an idea of shat king of animals they are. I couldn't take good pictures of the cloud, but it would be interesting.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


In Ethiopia people like to personalize their cars in very special ways. There are shops specialized in items to decorate the cars as special cover for the wheels, or hairy fabrics used to decorate the inside of the car… Some of the decorations are so imaginative and is very curious to see them.

May be it could be interesting to collect pictures of different decorations and put them together. Good Idea for a photographer!

If you ever come to Addis Ababa try to notice it!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The water takes many shapes in the life, tha's why there are many names to call it. HEre you have some words of the water:

UHA                  water in general
MINCH            source (like Arba Minch, forty sources)
WENZ              river
HAYQ              lake
BEREDO         ice or hail
BAHIR             see or very big lake (like Bahir Dar, shores of the lake)
FAFATE          waterfall

Here you have a picture of the Blue Nile Falls. ENjoy the water!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Is there someome that have traveled to Ethiopia that have send me this beautiful video about the Gelada Baboons. They are one of the endemic animals of Ethiopia, you can't find them anywhere else!

There are many communities around the country, epecially in the Simien Mountains but you can see them also in Debre Libanos, only 100k km far from Addis Ababa.

Watch this video:


Monday, February 10, 2014


Here you have a pair f links of music that I have create, the first one is created in one of the traditional scales of Ethiopian music. I'm waiting for your comments!


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm starting to make my own music, I hope you like it...


Everyone knows that the majority of the meals here in Ethiopia are spicy and hot. Some times when the people is not used is not easy to eat the local food!

 To tell the truth, every house has its own berberry different from the other ones because people use to add more things in the berberri than only the chilis. There is a great veriety of plants and spices that are used to add to the berberry to make it taste special. That is why if one day you want to buy berberry is better to ask well before what are the ingredients to choose the best one.

At the end of the day every house has the own recipe and they prefer to use the one they prepare by their own!

fake and imitation


In Ethiopia there is no protection for the copyright of the other country items, that in one side, in the other side is still a very poor country and there is no way to import good quality items for the majority of the people. So most of the items you can find in the market are fake.

Here you can appreciate a great variety of items with names similar to the original one, as Adidos, Abeba, Adidus, and other for Adidas, Sonia for Sony, and many other imaginative fake names. 

Some times I ask myself why. Is not better a good quality without name?